Belly Fusion Dance Collective

Theatrical Fusion tribal bellydance 


Meet the girls

The Belly Fusion troupe was first created in 2006 and was made up of eight dancers who originally met in a tribal belly dance class, based in Worcestershire. The beginning of their performance career came about when they were given the opportunity to dance at a wedding reception in 2007, shortly after which, there came the birth of the Belly Fusion Dance Collective in 2008. Since then the troupe has performed at many different events, raised money for charity, taken part in breaking a world record and appeared on live television for Children In Need. 

Belly Fusion DC's style began as Improvised Tribal, largely influenced by Fat Chance Bellydance from San Francisco, which is improvisational group dance. This improvised style remains a strong base for the troupe to build upon, leading to the growth and development of their unique and individual style, not only in dance but in costume too. Using experimentation with choreography and dance styles along side their improvisational roots and costume design they have a real thirst and drive to follow their interests and strive to create something new and exciting each year. They feel this keeps them fresh, current and constantly evolving and reinventing themselves to better their performance with a range of dance forms and theatrical influences.

Styles the BFDC play with include:

Gypsy ~ Turkish/Egyptian Classical ~ Contemporary/Tribal Fusion ~ Street Theatre, Swing/Jive/Jazz ~ the elegance and graceful style of vintage Hollywood and Burlesque.

Belly Fusion DC utilise a variety of props such as swords, veils, canes, fans, zills, drums, pistols, daggers, tankards amongst other themed paraphernalia.

The group currently consists of seven dancers who meet regularly as part of a group practice and have grown together not only as a troupe but as friends. All involved enjoy the unity and energy that the Tribal style provides and each is equally involved in the development of the collective style of the group, yet continue to nurture the individual style of each dancer. 

Aside from performing, the troupe also enjoy watching other dancers/performers and are continually inspired by fellow members of the dance/performer community. The BFDC actively seek to stretch and develop themselves by watching and participating in numerous dance styles during events, classes and workshops by other dancers/performers, amateur and professional.